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How can I adjust the temperature of my HeatArt panels?
We offer completely automated home heating solutions to program and control every single HeatArt panel in your home.

Can I order custom prints on my HeatArt panels?
Yes, we can print almost anything you would like on your heating panel. We can print on the regular surface, glass or mirror. Since we control the entire production process from printing to packaging our turnaround times are kept minimal.

Why choose HeatArt?
Unlike the products of our competitors HeatArt heaters are of the highest quality, look more attractive, work better, weigh less and will last you much longer. We continuously work on evolving our products, encompassing the latest and the most efficient infrared heating technologies. Unlike others we also do the product prints ourselves and thus may provide maximum flexibility and minmal turnaround times to our customers. All our products are “Made in Austria” and are certified under the strictest requirements with certificates by TUV Austria as well as CE.

How many and which infrared panels do I need?
The answer will depend on the size of the area you would like to heat, the room height and shape as well as your insulation. Other companies out there will try selling you as much as possibly. We on the other hand strive towards quality and customer satisfaction. Our experienced consultants will work with you to design the most efficient solution for you. Send us a quote and one of our team members will get back to you promptly.

Can I use infrared heating as the only heating solution for my home?
Infrared Heating can be used as a complete home heating solution or as a supplemental one to an existing gas or oil heating system. It is common that some areas of your home are not well heated by pre-installed gas or oil systems. This can be due to the way this system is designed or simply due to the insulation of your home, and thus some rooms may require constant additional heating. HeatArt products work amazingly well anywhere in your home. We have a long track of customers who are happy to date with HeatArt Infrared Panels as their sole home heating solution as well as in addition to their existing home heating.

What’s the difference between infrared and conventional heaters?
Infrared heating is the by far more energy efficient use of electricity. Conventional heaters need to heat up the air and push the air throughout the room. Conventional heaters will produce hot air, blowing it out, and the warm air will then rise up to the ceiling, leaving cold air at your feet. With infrared heaters the heat is delivered to you directly by means of harmless infrared rays. Infrared heaters warm the objects in the room rather than the air – similar to the rays of the sun. Conventional heaters will stir dust and move it around the room, burn it and thus produce unwanted smells. The lifetime of a conventional heater depends on either the lifetime of the heating element or the motor, which usually lasts for up to 2 years of frequent use. HeatArt infrared heaters will last for many years more. We are that confident in our products that we offer a 5-year warranty. Our heaters offer a theoretical durability of more than 120,000 hours of use. HeatArt is a smart choice that will benefit you for many years.

How does infrared heating work?
Infrared heaters produce electromagnetic waves that heat up the objects they are reaching. The way they work is very similar to the heat of the sun. We humans cannot see infrared waves, but the feel of HeatArt products is very similar to simply being outside in the park on a sunny day, only you don’t get tanned and the warmth of our infrared heaters are completely harmless to humans and animals alike. Also take a look at »The Advantages of Infrared Heating.