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We offer a range of accessories for our heating panels, allowing you optimum control over the temperature of your home. Panels can be regulated individually or as a complete heating system. Installation of these accessories should only be conducted by specialized, certified companies to ensure the system is fully functioning.

Room Manager – Bluetooth Radio System
The Room Manager is a central control unit that communicates with all devices with the Eaton RF Network. State-of-the-art key sensors allow for swift installation and easy control of all parameters including temperature and the timer programme. Available in white or silver.

Room Controller with drop-down switch – Radio System (EATON RF System)
The Room Controller records the surrounding room temperature and transmits this information to the individual heat panels. This allows complete control over a room’s heating levels. The Room Controller also has a comfort switch to regulate temperature during day and night. The device requires two AAA batteries and can easily be fitted to the wall at the base plate. Due to its flat, compact design, the Room Controller doesn’t require a switch or an installation box.

Connector Plug Switch Activator Shockproof Radio System
This device is powered by electricity and remotely activates any infrared heating panel. It can be connected to an existing shockproof socket without any internal wiring.

Switch Actuator Radio System
This device should be installed in an existing switch, distribution or installation box. It is easy to assemble and can be fitted behind heating panels to disguise the wiring.

Thermo-Switch TCU 230 McPower
The Thermo Switch can be attached to a 230 watt power outlet and linked to a heating panel. This
allows you to regulate and modify the room temperature through the heating panels.