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Moisture Levels and Mold

HeatArt Infrared Heaters prevent and fight mold by heating up objects in the room, including walls, rather than the air itself. This means moisture is unable to condensate on the walls allowing them to remain both warm and dry. HeatArt panels also generate heat without shifting air particles and causing drafts so existing mold spores will not be stirred and the infection can’t spread. Walls that are already moist and prone to mold will swiftly dry out meaning the mold cannot return.

Mold is not only an aesthetically unpleasant sight, but can also be responsible for the persistence of a range of illnesses, including asthma, inflammations of the respiratory system, headaches and weakened immune systems. So, if you need to protect your living space from possible mold infections or fight an existing strain, HeatArt panels are a wise and efficient choice.